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Madden Phillips Construction, Inc. will assign John Phillips or Steve Madden as the Project Manager/Project Superintendent for most projects. Key support staff personnel will include Creig Richardson, Joe Gibson and Pam Johnson.

John Phillips

John Phillips is a licensed Engineer in the state of Tennessee and currently the President of Madden Phillips Construction. Mr. Phillips has over 25 years of construction experience which began with four years field experience as a project manager/engineer while in the Navy’s Civil Engineering Corps as an officer. Additionally, Mr. Phillips was the Assistant Public Works Officer at Naval Support Activity Mid-South for two years. Mr. Phillips has spent the last eighteen years overseeing daily operations for numerous utility installation crews for Madden Phillips Construction.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden has twenty-four years of construction experience ranging from a licensed plumber in Shelby County, field foreman of a utility crew, utility division project superintendent, and project manager/estimator for utility division. Mr. Madden has been responsible for the installation of various types of utilities, not limited to but including: water mains, storm drainage, force mains, sewer outfalls, pumping stations, and additions to waste water treatment plants, utility borings, utility conduits, and utility encasements. Additionally, Mr. Madden has overseen several TDOT and MDOT road projects.

Creig Richardson

Creig Richardson has been an estimator for Madden Phillips Construction for over eight years. Mr. Richardson has over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry. His experience includes engineering technician, construction estimator, project manager, and project coordinator. Mr. Richardson will be supporting projects onsite and in the office.

Joe Gibson

Joe Gibson has been in a supervisory position with Madden Phillips Construction for over six years. Mr. Gibson has over nineteen years in commercial construction experience. His experience includes the operation of various pieces of heavy equipment, reading of plans, project manager, and project coordinator/scheduler. Mr. Gibson will supervisor all onsite employees and assists office personnel with paperwork.

Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson is the Office Manager for Madden Phillips Construction. She has over twenty years’ experience working in an office. Mrs. Johnson has been in a supervisory position in a construction company office for over sixteen years. Mrs. Johnson will be handling paperwork associated with projects.